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One of the key features of my work is an in-depth analysis of architectural characteristics. I believe the space around us dictates our approach and our understanding of the world. By using laser cutting, digital media, sound and light, my work attempts to discuss the questions that architecture raises, such as scale, existing in space and the tension between man and his environment.


Mixed cities, war zones, religious temples, massive industrial zones, places with rich history and architecture – these places, which create an almost impossible mixture, become the central subjects of my exploration.

I study the new connections that are created by the different forces in my personal surroundings and in the world, and isolate features and images from those surroundings and turn them into raw materials for my work. In the studio I dismantle them, distill them and recreate environments that have new connections and contexts. This process results in new objects and environments that often contain the potential of tension, fear, violence and destruction. 



Nir Adoni


Photography: Hila Shayer

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